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Monofin long distance Carbon

Article: m-1103
Introducing our unique handmade monofin with a carbon blade, designed specifically for long-distance swimming with fins. This product showcases exceptional attention to detail and a personalized approach.

One of the key features of this monofin is the individually adjustable angle between the blade and the athlete's foot. This angle is carefully optimized, taking into account the swimmer's individual characteristics, to maximize swimming efficiency. Each movement becomes more precise and powerful thanks to the optimal fit.

Additionally, the monofin with a carbon blade is equipped with a foot pocket that is customized based on the customer's individual measurements and foot characteristics. This ensures an ideal fit and unparalleled comfort during swimming. You will feel confident and free, enjoying every moment in the water.

The carbon blade of the monofin is crafted through a high-pressure hot pressing process. This guarantees its durability, lightweight nature, and excellent gliding properties. You will be able to cover long distances with minimal effort, experiencing maximum comfort and performance.


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*(2 cm below the bend of the foot)

*(2 cm below the bend of the foot)


*(2 cm below the bend of the foot)

*(2 cm below the bend of the foot)